A Song on the Beauty of God

We have the early rains and the late rains in this part of the world. Other than that we don’t get a lot of clouds. Currently we’re experiencing the late rains, and this has meant some stunning mixes of sun, rain, grey and dusty brown clouds – and even a huge rainbow. Desert dust storms in the air means we have our share of ugly drab days, but they also add a whole new range of color combinations when added to rain clouds and sun. Picture purple lighting jumping from one chocolately-pink cloud to another in the midst of a late afternoon sunshower – over a landscape that has suddenly bloomed in bright green.

I’m trying to learn more about what it means to meditate visually on the beauty of God in creation and art. I have made some good strides when it comes to tapping into the power of music (aural beauty), but when it comes to engaging my spiritual affections with my eyes? Well, I’m very much a beginner. Today I was prayer walking in a nearby park and as I enjoyed the young olive trees and the distant mountains, this song about the beauty of God came into my mind.

I’ve listened to this song for several years now. But that shift at 2:45 still hits me every time, “When we arrive at eternity’s shore…”

Check out “You’re Beautiful” by Shane and Shane in the YouTube clip above.

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