A Song on When to Obey the Government – Or Not

Occasionally we make up songs with our kids as we’re reading through the Bible together and come across important passages that we don’t know any kids songs for. This song was inspired by Romans 13:1-7 and Acts 5:29. Living in a pandemic lockdown world and seeking to lead Muslims to Jesus in a country where this is illegal, these categories of obeying the government – except when they ask us to sin – are ones we want our kids to grow up chewing on. It’s complicated out there! But we hope that these big biblical categories will help them navigate a faithful posture towards government in their own families and churches someday.


Obey the government says the Lord
It's for a good reason that they bear the sword
To punish the evil and reward the good
So obey the government says the Lord

But not if they tell you to sin (no sir!)
Not if they tell you to sin (no sir!) 
Not if they tell you to do bad things
Then you don't have to obey those kings