A Song on God’s Conquering Grace

I remember hearing John Piper once say, “We always resist the Holy Spirit! But he is powerful to overcome our resistance any time he wants to.” That line there is just about as good a summary of my practical Calvinism as I can find. In light of my deep brokenness, sin, and shame, I often must turn to the comfort of knowing that nothing in me or outside of me can ultimately resist the gracious conquest of the Holy Spirit in my life. He will keep coming on, until all my resistance is finished.

The second part of this live medley, “Guns/Napoleon” is a new song for me. And one that I have loved getting acquainted with. It envisions God’s conquest of someone’s heart through the lens of a Napoleonic army taking over a fortress. The details in the lyrics are fascinating also. “Hanging pictures on the walls” refers to how the portraits on the walls always change when a new regime takes over. In Central Asia, those portraits are very important. Listen for when the trumpets come in at 1:37.

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