A Song When We Struggle to Understand God’s Ways

And who doesn’t struggle to understand his ways at times? I appreciate the humility and the boldness of these lyrics as a struggling believer speaks with God about seeking answers.

Could I steal a word with you 
Can I offer you my hand 
Though it seems your time is priceless 
I can’t help myself but ask 

Every term you make is foreign 
Every breath a mystery 
It's the answers that I’m going for 
It’s the answers that I need 

How can I hope to ever see to understand 
I’m a broken mind in a broken man 
How can I hope to understand 
Even all the angels don’t know 
They’ve never seen every side of You 
All eternity can’t hold 
The majesty the whole sight of You 

Is it me who forms the puzzle 
Is it me who sets the trap 
Though I’ve tried so hard at knowing 
Maybe you never wanted that 

I can see my heart is hardened 
I can see that flesh is stone 
But I will pray my blind eyes open 
I will pray my off ears on

“The Whole Sight of You” by Poor Bishop Hooper

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