A Song on the Endless Summer of Heaven

“Endless Summer” by Lovkn

One of our missionary friends passed away this past week on the field after a long battle with brain cancer. Perhaps in time I will have the chance to write more of her and her family’s story, and how they returned to the field five years ago after the cancer diagnosis, knowing that it would likely be fatal. But for now we grieve and pray for her husband and kids, and for their Central Asian church family.

This song speaks beautifully of God’s welcome of his saints into life everlasting, into the endless summer of heaven. I love how the song speaks of heaven as “The Great Adventure.” Here is what the writer says of the lyrics:

Dedicated to Kimmy, this track was inspired by a life that left the Earth far too soon. The lyrics of this song are taken directly from Kimmy’s last blog post before she passed. It is a beautiful picture into the welcoming arms of the Father as we pass into eternity.

2 thoughts on “A Song on the Endless Summer of Heaven

  1. Rest in Peace Kimmy, I did not know you, but I do know your life pleased the Lord, and brought a lot of people to the truth, and to salvation through Christ Jesus. Praise be to God for your life!

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  2. Oh how my heart breaks hearing this news. I hate death! Praying for her family. Thanks for sharing this song. Many tears shed while I listened and imagined her meeting her Savior face to face, finally whole and free from her suffering at last.

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