An Idiom on Futility

Like I’m hammering cold iron.

Local Oral Tradition

This is our local equivalent of “beating my head against a wall.” In other words, said venture is utterly futile. Moving cities, though it is not actually futile, can sometime feel like it. This move in particular for us has felt like it has dragged on for a very long time. Multiple trips between cities, endless government office visits, drawn out house projects. Is this our new life? Doomed to be moving forever (during Ramadan at that) and never completely moved in? How many weeks have we been at this? Thankfully, we are actually “beating hot iron,” even if it might be a particularly stubborn-seeming piece of metal. Progress is happening. Today we got our internet set up and a hole drilled in a wall to drain out all the mess we’re making by taking the plaster off of a beautiful stone wall. The new paint is steadily creeping its bright way along the old walls and ceilings. New electrical wires are going on the walls – the house is so old there are no wires inside the old stone and plaster. One city’s permission papers to move are in hand. Tomorrow I will try to complete the first step of getting the others. These papers will allow our moving truck actually get through the security checkpoints. Yes, one bit at a time we will come out of this time-warp of moving limbo. In the meantime, God continues to use these processes to teach me more about what it means to be a pilgrim – and to teach me some new local proverbs and idoms, like the one above. For this, I am very grateful.

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