A Song of Longing and Home

This is by no means a new song. But I don’t remember hearing it until we watched the film, 1917, a number of months ago. This was a stunning film, made all the better because I had read this review beforehand and knew to pay attention to the significance of the trees in the film. I resonate with the sober hope held out by this song, with its haunting melody that fits with the grievous nature of death, contrasted with its words of simple hope, “I’m only going over Jordan. I’m only going over home.” Yes, that fits with the intermingled sorrow and hope that we know as believers who all must ultimately die. And yet death is not the end. In 1917, one scene has the characters come across a cherry tree orchard that has been cut down. But in this scene of destruction, there’s also this line: “They’ll grow again when the stones rot. You’ll end up with more trees than before.” Exactly. Resurrection.

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