A Song for the Waiting

“So don’t you find it strange; That God He made four seasons; And only one spring”

-Chris Renzama, “Let the Ground Rest.”

A well-written line from a very good song. The musicians in the video wearing masks adds a poignancy to the lyrics also. What a year it’s been of difficult waiting for so many. In many ways this past year reminds me of one of the reasons for the Babylonian captivity – the failure of Israel to let the ground lie fallow and enjoy its sabbaths (2 Chron 36:21). So God intervened and gave the land seventy years of sabbaths. Perhaps in our mad rushing around, this year (or two) of global pandemic is God forcing a restless the world to actually rest and let some things lie fallow for a while.

Regardless, I know that I often need the reminder this song provides to rest and trust in God’s slower-than-I-expected timing.

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