A Song For When We’ve Denied Him

I really appreciate this song which explores Peter’s betrayal of Jesus – his pride on the front end and his lament afterward. It helps me also remember and lament the ways in which I too have denied Christ. There is comfort in knowing that Christ knows all along – just as he did for Peter – how we will fall. And that he mercifully continues to grant us the promise of true repentance, “when you turn…” Peter’s denials and restoration offer great hope for all of us.

Some select lyrics:

When she asked her question

That servant girl she broke my heart

I knew she was the message

That You had spoken all along

And two behind her followed in the prints her feet had made

Said they’d seen me walking with You, said my tongue gave me away

But I swore against their charges, claimed You I’d never known

Just in time to hear the bird You promised, lift its head and crow

Lift its head and crow

Oh Jesus I wish You were wrong wrong wrong

Wrong about me

“Jesus is Denied by Peter” by Poor Bishop Hooper

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