A Song of A City No Longer Forsaken

There was about a decade where I gave up on listening to Christian music outside of worship times in church settings. All the peppy and shallow CCM had left me pretty disillusioned with the whole Christian music scene. But during that period, whenever I happened to hear my friends listening to Sojourn Music, a quiet hope was kept alive that solid truth could indeed be wed to skillful music that stirs the soul. For that, I am incredibly grateful. The powerful effect on my spiritual affections of eventually recovering the importance of tasting God’s beauty through music is one of the reasons I post a song every week.

 How can we stay silent
 When the noise of praise has gone?
 Our tongues can't dare keep quiet
 Til His Righteousness shines like the dawn

 How can we grow tired
 When his return is nigh?
 The skyline will burn bright again
 Like a diadem on the crown of Christ

 A brand new name,
 Straight from the mouth of God,
 The orphaned ones now take
 Through the waning years He preserves His own
 In a City No Longer forsaken

 How can we not clear the way
 With such open grace?
 How can we withhold our prayers
 To the God who spares all who His seek His face?

 A brand new land
 Tilled by his tender hand
 the thorns and thistles break
 From the desert sand the harvest comes
 In a city no longer forsaken

 Unbend the road, the Savior rides!
 Send up the signal high
 Over the gravel waste, His highway runs
 In a city no longer forsaken
 Every door will be stained with Salvation's name
 In a City no Longer Forsaken

“A City No Longer Forsaken” by Sojourn Music

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