A Song When God’s Grace Seems To Good Be True

Songs like this remind me of the outlandish promises of God – and that they are still true, even if outlandish. The food and the water are for those without money? A place at the table for the unworthy? Surely not! Yet that’s exactly what grace is.

It is not as we've seen, 
it is not as we've read, 
it is not as they've said. 
How we need to forget, 
we need to reset 
and be like children again. 

Are you hungry and have no money? 
You can sit at this table. 
Are you thirsty and unworthy? 
You can draw from this well.  
Are you weak, are you poor are you wanting for more, 
in the quiet of your heart? 
To yourself you say I wish someone would pass my way, 
and give me a new start. 

Sweetheart, stop cutting your sweet arms, 
no hope, smoking dope and drinking your life away. 
lets dance and sing, lets eat from the tree, 
Come down to the river with me.  
It may be too good to be understood, 
but its not too good to be true.  

From the dust we came, 
to the dust we all will go. 
We brought nothing with us, 
we'll take nothing on, 
Heaven knows keep in mind, 
it'll take a little time, 
But darlin' you're gonna find where you came from. 
Don't let your eyes deceive your heart, 
believe the best is yet to come.  

It may be too good to be understood, 
but its not too good to be true. 
He may be too good to be understood, 
but he's not to good to be.

“Too Good” by Jess Ray

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