A Song on the Coming Dawn

A world away and still not far
Like fabric woven into ours
The dawn, it shot out through the night
And day is coming soon

The Kingdom of the Morning Star
Can pierce a cold and stony heart
Its grace went through me like a sword
And came out like a song
Now I’m just waiting for the day
In the shadows of the dawn

But I won’t wait resting my bones
I’ll take these foolishness roads of grace
And run toward the dawn
And when I rise and dawn turns to day
I’ll shine as bright as the sun
And these roads that I’ve run, will be wise

It’s veiled and stands behind the shroud
The final day when trumpets sound
Sometimes I glimpse into the fog
And listen for the song
Til then I’m waiting for the day
In the shadows of the dawn

“Shadows of the Dawn” by the Gray Havens

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