A Song to Anchor Souls

This entire album is one of the more powerful musical compilations I’ve heard in years. The group, Psallos, walks through the book of Hebrews, wedding deep theology with incredible musical variety and skill. We once listened to the entire album on a 3-hour road trip through Central Asian mountains. By the end of the trip, our souls were encouraged in the gospel and we had a better understanding of the amazing book of Hebrews. Some select lyrics from this song:

Though we speak in this way,
I believe that better things will come, 
If you hold on.
For you have shown yourself faithful in the past,
And I know that faith will last.

O, don’t you let go of the promise of God,
He’s never going to let you down, 
He’s never going to let you down.
O, if you just hold on to His word,
If you hold on and endure, 

There’s hope.

“In the Past, Pts. 1 and 2 (6:9-20)” by Psallos

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