Idioms on the Uncomplicated

It’s not an airplane.

It’s a salad!

Local Oral Tradition

The two idioms above are the local equivalents of “It’s not rocket science” and “Piece of cake!” Sometimes things just really aren’t that complicated.

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Idioms on the Uncomplicated

  1. Thanks for sharing the idioms! They are great fun and it’s so interesting to see & hear the word uses from other cultures. I speak a little Spanish (very little) and was very amused to learn that “malas pulgas”, which translates to “bad fleas”, is an idiom for being in a bad mood. Who knew? Well I didn’t that’s for sure.
    Also wanted to thank you for your piece on missionaries when they return home/sending church. Your comments and the 10 questions to ask were/are excellent. I am putting all of it to good use in my communications with our friends in the field. Grace to you and yours! Steve

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